Hey, let’s make some mischief! I’m Aubrey, Montessori teacher and mommy of two little mischief makers. I help parents learn about Montessori and how the philosophy can enhance their lives at home with small children.

Guiding With Love

Contrary to popular belief, Montessori is not all about the (admittedly beautiful) materials in a classroom. It’s about teaching respect, independence, and love. It’s a philosophy of parenting that can make your kids happier, and in turn, make you a happier parent.

I’m a DIY Girl

There are a few secrets, of course, to organizing your home the “Montessori way”, and there are proven teaching techniques for everything from reading and math to botany and geographical landforms. Worried about the cost? There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune to create an enriching Montessori environment. Most Montessori materials can be made quickly and easily right in your own home, and many toys you might already own can be used for Montessori lessons, as well as basic kitchen gadgets.

Bringing Montessori Mainstream

I am passionate about making Montessori practical and accessible for everyone. It’s what drives both my academic pursuits (I have an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and I am AMS Montessori certified) and my professional career (I taught in both traditional and Montessori classrooms).

My boys

And now, as the mama of two sweet boys, I am working hard to create a Montessori-inspired home that is realistic. That means spending lots of time experimenting, dancing to music, puttering in the kitchen, reading books, making DIY Montessori materials, building forts, exploring nature, and generally just having fun while learning. Life at home the Montessori way is not always easy, and rarely does it go exactly as planned (the boys keep me on my toes), but I honestly believe that with a little philosophy and technique, anyone can do it with their kids.

 You Can Make the Sun Shine

While the entire curriculum can at first appear overwhelming, bringing Montessori into your home is actually easier than you think. You can start small, incorporate a few new ideas into your existing routine, and have a lot of fun while learning and playing with your kids. In fact, once you start, you might find that you are the biggest mischief maker in the house!


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