A Garden in a Jar


Where is the magic in Montessori? Without a focus on fairy tales and fantasy, what is there to spark the imagination? Dr. Montessori saw that the child is born with innate powers of observation and corresponding feelings of awe. The entire natural world contains an enchantment that cannot be replicated in any storybook. There is no greater example … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Materials: Is it Worth the Effort?

Making Your Own Montessori Materials

Today's shout-out is for making your own Montessori materials...the "printable" kind. Little else gives the same kind of mind-numbing thrill of such an arduous task. One that is sure to be derailed somehow by the paper cutter's slip or the red pencil outlined on the wrong image, realized only seconds after it is done. Much like knitting or any … [Read more...]

What to Look For in a Montessori Teacher Education Program

teacher education program pin

(Today's guest post is written for you by my friend and long time Montessorian Andrea Lulka, a frequent contributor in both the Montessori Teachers and Montessori 101 Facebook groups to the benefit of all who are blessed to receive her words of wisdom. I specifically asked her to write on the topic of how to find a high-quality teacher training … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Annoying You? The Solution May Be More Reasonable Than You Think

Ask yourself: is it reasonable?

If your baby has ever thrown food or dishes on the floor, you'll relate to this! In Montessori's book The Child in the Family, Maria gives us this reminder for good parenting: "The most important is to respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages, and try to understand them."  So today I offer to you...your Montessori … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Montessori Albums

Make your own Montessori albums! Here's step one.

There's a good reason why so many Montessori Teacher Education Programs ask their students to make their own (rather than purchased or published) albums. By engaging directly in the physical and mental effort that it takes to paraphrase and illustrate the information one wants to learn, the student becomes intimately connected and emotionally … [Read more...]