Merry Montessori Cybermonday

Monday Madness – 15% off Christmas Lessons Pack and Parenting E-Course

Cyber Monday has me lazily clicking through Amazon Deals. You, too? On one hand, the Black Friday craze, now extended practically through Christmas and beyond is something that I abhor. Can we tone … [Read More...]

How to Get a Five Year Old Out of the Car

How to Get a Five Year Old Out of the Car

It was an unexpected detour up into the hills, although I should have expected it since our weekends typically involve seeking out some sort of trail on the outskirts of the city. I had left my hiking … [Read More...]

Montessori 101 Giveaway 2015 - 17 Fabulous prizes!

Celebrate Good Times in Montessori 101: Giveaway 2015

15,000+ members. It's a staggering number for me to conceive of, and even as my co-admins and I started planning this giveaway the number was steadily creeping up toward the next thousand member mark. … [Read More...]