E-Course: What Every Montessori Parent Should Know

what every montessori parent should know ecourse

It is a popular myth that Maria Montessori developed a method of education only for a classroom setting. Far from it! The wisdom found in Dr. Montessori's method is truly applicable to children of any age, in any environment. Maria Montessori did, in fact, give advice directly to parents, and (surprise, surprise) it's fantastic! The three easy, … [Read more...]

What Color Mixing Actually Teaches Children

what color mixing teaches children

I watched from several feet away as his fingers pinched, released, pinched, pulled, and hovered the eyedropper over the tray. There was no smile; instead, a slightly open and relaxed mouth, tight brows, eyes glued to the current endeavor. I watched as he watched. The first drips were blue sky. Back again. Changed to lime green. Back again. … [Read more...]

The Continent Song

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One of my favorite things about teaching the 3-6 age group using Montessori philosophy is the heavy focus on cultural studies, including geography. We want children to understand not only that they live on a planet called Earth but also that humans are just one piece of a complex web of life. Teaching them the names of the continents will open up … [Read more...]

Making Tantrums a Positive Experience

Making Tantrums a Positive Experience

When your child is having an emotional meltdown, it's hard to keep your cool! What if your child is crying uncontrollably or is kicking and screaming on the floor? What then? No matter what, realize that it is your job as the parent to push your own emotions aside as much as possible in order to help your child. But how? It takes practice and a … [Read more...]

Video: Preventing Toddler and Preschooler Tantrums

Preventing Tantrums

For some parents, dealing with and trying to prevent emotional meltdowns are a daily occurrence. There's nothing more frustrating as a parent when your little one gets super upset (and sometimes destructive!) because of the lack of communication. It often takes a bit of guesswork, but sometimes children are in a receptive state just before the … [Read more...]