Children Can Change the World (3)

The Secret of Childhood: They can change the world!

(Without laws to protect their rights...) “Children become the victims of the parents’ tyrannical instincts. And yet children come into the world endowed with new energies that could correct the errors of past generations and give a new breath of life to the world.” Secret of Childhood, p.2 I love this quote! I hate this quote! When I read Maria’s … [Read more...]

The Rights of the Child (2)

The Secret of Childhood Discussions Introduction

The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori Introduction Discussion In the early 1900’s, Maria observed with great concern that children were looked upon as sources of trouble not just by their parents but by all of society. She describes a city full of busy adults without designated spaces for children to play, little to no possessions for … [Read more...]

What is The Secret of Childhood? (1)

What is the secret of childhood?

Do you ever watch your children out in nature enthralled with a bit of fluff that you walked right by? A few weeks ago, we had a magical moment...the kind of moment you want to hold close to your heart and never, ever forget. It was nearing twilight. The staircase beckoned us down to the beach, and I worried about the night falling too soon … [Read more...]

Cherries Pitted and a Lullaby

Cherry pitting

You'll never see a more dreadful looking Montessori work. It's an embarrassingly far cry from the carefully designed cherry pitting tray of my classroom dreams... You know, the one with the dark blue tray and white cups, one for cherries and one for pits and stems. The folded napkin on the side for stained fingers. The child carefully washes his … [Read more...]

Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Montessori!

pouring split peas

So you went bananas for Montessori. You bought a shelf and some trays and baskets. You searched for Montessori on Pinterest. You put pom poms in bowls with tongs on one tray and and two small pitchers full of split peas on another. You practiced the art of giving a lesson. And then you stepped back and waited for the magic of Montessori to happen … [Read more...]