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The Best 24 Ways to Say I Love You To Your Child

Cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Lots. When your child is talking, give your FULL attention. Look right in his/her eyes! Take some time to watch your child. No, really watch. What interests … [Read More...]

What does a teenager need? Montessori discussions about the third and fourth planes of development.

Is Your Child Too Old for Montessori?

"I'm a fourteen year old girl looking for a pen pal. I love fantasy, Star Trek/TNG, playing my clarinet, walking in forests, poetry, and writing."  The Third Plane Before the internet, there were … [Read More...]

Planes of Development triangle chart

The Four Planes of Development: In Admiration of Childhood

Kittens are only kittens for a short time. Little nothings with sharp claws and silky fur. While growing up, I raised a lot of litters of kittens. Within just six months they have changed into long, … [Read More...]